Sunday, September 30, 2012

Company for dinner

First off, let me apologize for saying that I have no pictures to go along with this incredible dinner that we had.  I will include the links to everything as you will need to give everything a try as this was one of those dinners that we are still talking about a week later!!

Have I mentioned how much I love pinterest???  Yes, I know - you've heard it before but I am just constantly amazed at how delicious everything is on there!!  So, I found a few recipes that I really wanted to try out and needed a crowd for it as there would be no way our family could eat it all!

The appy for the evening was incredible: Kahlua-Pecan-Brown Sugar Baked Brie.  This was even better than it sounds - which is difficult to imagine as Kahlua is definitely one of my favorite liquors.  The first bites taken by each of us were like taking little bites of heaven and the flavours did absolute summersaults in my mouth.  Yes - that incredibly good!!  I would recommend this over and over again to anyone having company over for dinner.  I highly recommend the company as I would be tempted to eat the whole thing myself!  Here's the link:

For dinner we had "Dynamite Bourbon Ribs".  Mmmmmm...  These were devoured by both adults and kids.  The flavour of the Bourbon on the ribs was delicious and the smell of the marinade alone made my mouth water which was a good thing as I hadn't closed up the bag properly in my fridge and there was marinade all over one of my shelves.  It added to the many laughs of the night!  I did have the ribs marinating for at least 6 hours in the fridge so they were good and moist.  We also cooked them on the barbecue and not the oven.  They can be found:

For dessert the kids made their own sundaes which made them extremely excited!  For the adults I made Rolo Brownie Trifles!  I was so impressed that I even made my own Sea Salt Caramel Sauce that turned out awesome!!  I have a new found confidence in caramel making now!!  I'm not sure how to explain how good these are but also how rich!  These would be best with a large glass of milk right beside you to help wash it down.  These are so good and not hard to make but they do take some time to make all of the different layers as you home make the caramel sauce, rolo brownies and chocolate whipping cream.  It is definitely worth the time to make it but again - serve a crowd!!  You can make them up from this recipe:

It was a wonderful dinner filled with many laughs and great food!

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